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2018 Officers


      President   Matt Crider                     717-286-4007

       Vice Pres.  Jim Fry                            717-826-4350

      Vice Pres.  Ryan Bowers                 717-615-5897

Treasurer  Michael Berndhart                                                      

         Secretary  Stacey Crider                   717-682-8592



1 yr         Ron Wagner          717- 653-1334

1 yr.        Jim Evans             717- 381-5256

 1 yr.        John Jones             717-587-9976

    2 yr         Donna Grove        717- 725-2930  

  2 yr.        Jack Phillips          717-599-4372

      2 yr.        Rick Velez             717-942-8601   



   Baseball       Jim Fry             717-826-4350

     Player Rep   Ron Wagner     717- 653-1334








It’s that time again! If you are a baseball fan in Mount Joy, this has got to be one of your favorite times - SIGN-UPS for the Mount Joy Athletic Association’s 2018 baseball. Sign-ups--a sure sign that balmy spring and summer evenings spent watching our favorite young players performing on the local diamonds are not far off. 

MJAA will again sponsor over 10 teams again this year, providing playing opportunities for over 150 boys.  As I enter my term as President of MJAA, I am looking forward to continue the success of this association, and improve where we can.  We are currently talking with DBSA on them joining forces with us at MJAA in the future. (Just not for this spring season.) Softball from MJAA and DBSA have formed their own association. (Donegal Tribe Softball)

The MJAA is comprised completely of volunteers, including officers and coaching staff.  These men and women give freely of their time all year long to make the MJAA the stellar organization that it is today.  We are always looking for more people to get involved.  Get involved by volunteering to be a coach, assisting the coach, working the concession stand, being a team mom, etc. You can sign up for these activities on our website.

Our fundraiser this year will be a mandatory sub sale.  With the constant rising costs of electricity, field maintenance, not to mention many other costs, the sale of subs will be necessary.    Each family will be asked to sell 15 subs.   You may also opt out of sub sale with a $25 buyout.                                 

We will again use a core team of people to supervise the operation of the concession stand as we did last season.  This approach has worked very well, and continues to do so.  The MJAA goes into sign-ups this year with a very small group of hard working dedicated individuals to assist us for the upcoming season.  We thank you!!!

The concession stand provides at least 75 percent of the funds needed to operate our program. Without the revenue from the stand, there is absolutely no way the MJAA could continue to provide the quality program for our young players.  This is why it is crucial that the stand be properly manned at all times.

As in years past, “ALL TEAMS” WILL PROVIDE WORKERS for the concession stand.  No EXPERTISE or EXPERIENCE is NEEDED.  Only a desire to help the MJAA maintain its position as one of the best youth organizations in Lancaster County, and also a desire to see Kunkle Field remain the best facility to watch a youth ball game in Lancaster County.

All MJAA teams will have designated nights to work the stand. teams will average only 3 - 5 nights in the stand over the course of the season. You will not be scheduled to work on nights you are scheduled to play (rainouts during the season can alter this).  Only four parents are needed to work the stand, each shift per night games are 6pm and 8pm, last shift ending around 10pm. (Although more are certainly welcome, because many hands make light work). 

Also when your team is hosting a tournament your coach and team will need to provide workers for the stand during the entire tournament.  (which usually ends up being 6 shifts of 2 hours per player).

Understand that if you are scheduled to work the stand, it is requested you show up 15 minutes prior to your shift.  Please know when your scheduled day or days are.  There is absolutely nothing worse than when no one shows up at all.  When that happens it throws everything into a tailspin.  *(This is where a TEAM MOM is very helpful, to remind parents of their obligation.)

Anyone interested in helping to MANAGE the stand, please contact me, or any one of the officers or directors listed below.

Registration fees for this year will be $30 per player in our Tee Ball program, and $50 for all others, with a family cap of $100.

If you would like to join us in keeping Mount Joy at the forefront of youth baseball in Lancaster County, contact any MJAA officer or director for information. We would be glad to have you.  Everyone is invited to attend the MJAA meetings!

*Regular meetings are held the third Sunday of every month, at 6:00 pm at Sheetz Reception Hall, 4 E. Main St, (Rear)  Mount Joy

Again, as I mentioned earlier, PLEASE get involved with your teams and do your part to support your coaches and other volunteers.  When you get involved it really becomes a much more enjoyable experience for the entire family.  Please remember when you register with the MJAA you become a representative of the MJAA.  Please conduct yourself appropriately at all times.  Positive reinforcement is one of the keys to a successful season.  Thank you in advance for your help!

See you at the games.                                                     

Matt Crider

President, MJAA



2018 will be the first year for the 'DONEGAL TRIBE SOFTBALL ORGANIZATION".  Mount Joy Athletic Association and Donegal Baseball and Softball  Association will no longer be sponsoring softball.  Girls of ages 6 - 14 years old in the Donegal School District can now sign up for softball with the Donegal Tribe Softball Organization @